Marco 'cutts' Cuttin is a new name in photography, since he kept it private for years. His work, as part of his fascination of the human figure, focuses on fashion and portraiture.

He started taking pictures at a very young age. Even in the first photos of him, Marco can be seen with an instamatic camera in his hand.

Marco developed a strong interest in portrait photography by watching portraits made by a great BW Italian photographer, Aldo Salvi, who became his mentor, thanks to his friendship with the family.
With the support of his father and Salvi’s guidance Marco pursued his passion for photography, by learning the old school way.

He learned with his dad’s Second World War 6x6 camera, by watching the light and the absence of it. Marco’s first works were shooting and printing city escapes, guided by his mentor. With him he learned at an early age that is the photographer who creates the image, not the camera. Equipment is just a tool to implement what the photographer has created in his mind.

While mastering engineering at university, he created several model portfolios and head-shots.

For more information on Marco’s work, to get in touch regarding new projects, or just to say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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